Mistral tests UVision’s Hero 120 sea-to-sea capabilities.

USMC Awards Mistral Inc. Contract To Produce Organic Precision Fires-Mounted (OPF-M) Loitering Missile Systems

The USMC System Command – Quantico VA awarded Mistral Inc. of Bethesda, MD, a contract to design, build and test the Organic Precision Fires – Mounted (OPF-M) and integrate the system onto the LAV-M, JLTV, and LRUSV.

Mistral teamed with UVision LTD to deliver the USMC with advanced and unique Loitering Strike Munition capabilities based on UVision’s Hero 120. The OPF-M will provide the Marines with ISR and highly accurate and precision indirect fire strike capabilities. Additionally, Mistral will integrate the OPF strike system, based on UVision’s Hero 120, with the USMC C2 and other mission payloads and assist the USMC in integrating the OPF Multi Launcher onto the LAV-M, JLTV, and the LRUSV.    

The USMC’s selection comes after the completion of tests and evaluations at different U.S. Government test centers.  

Mistral and UVision bring together decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of defense systems to address the US Marine Corp’s need for a proven precision strike loitering system.

Col. (Ret.) Yossi Gez, EVP of Mistral
Mistral tests UVision’s Hero 120 sea-to-sea capabilities.

Mistral is privileged by the USMC selection of our solution for the OPF-M program. Mistral and our teammates are honored to provide our Warfighters with the OPF mission-critical precision strike systems. Additionally, we at Mistral, wish to acknowledge and thank the U.S. Government (ASD(SO/LIC)) IWTSD (Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate, previously CTTSO) for their vision, guidance, and support enabling us to develop the MLAM Hero-120-SF.

Ms. Banai, President of Mistral

Source: Mistral news release

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