U.S. Air Force Collaborates With BAE Systems on Leading-Edge Enhancement to Compass Call Platform

The U.S. Air Force has collaborated with BAE Systems to cross-deck the company’s advanced Compass Call electronic warfare system onto its next-generation electronic warfare aircraft. It is a critical upgrade for the EC-37B Baseline 4 platform that comes on the 40th anniversary of Compass Call, and is facilitated by BAE Systems’ Small Adaptive Bank of Electronic Resources (SABER) technology.

The SABER system transitions from hardware to software-based electromagnetic spectrum warfare capability on Compass Call. The system is built on a suite of software defined radios using an open system architecture and will provide the backbone of the EC-37B’s operating system.

This is a leading-edge upgrade that integrates third-party apps, giving aircrews the capability to respond to threats faster than ever before.

Pam Potter, director of Electronic Attack Solutions at BAE Systems

Compass Call is an airborne tactical electromagnetic attack weapon system that disrupts enemy command and control communications, radar, and navigation systems. The sophisticated mission system, developed and produced by BAE systems, has provided key jamming capabilities on the EC-130H since 1981, and will leverage that technology for the upgraded EC-37B platforms.

Source: BAE Systems news release

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