Frag Out! Magazine #16 - Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations

In most countries, the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for disaster recovery and civil protection. In Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Switzerland and Russia, a special organization has been created for this purpose. The Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations was established soon after Ukraine gained independence in 1996 and celebrated their 20th anniversary last year. It must, however, be noted that, due to a restructuring in 2012, the department is for all practical purposes, equivalent to a ministry. Shortly after the establishment of this Ministry, efforts were made to operate a flying component.

The military airfield Nizhyn, north-east of Kyiv, which earlier was home to the 199th Guard Independent Long-Range Reconnaissance Aviation regiment (199th Guard ODRAP) used the Tu-22R and Tu-22RM (NATO “Blinder”) long-range supersonic aircraft, was chosen as the new base for the Mi-8 fleet, two An-30 and three An-26 transport aircraft transferred from the Air Force. The selection appears logical, since on the one hand, Kiev is within a short range from an aerospace point of view and, on the other hand, the base had accumulated significant experience in reconnaissance flights…


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