TYR Tactical Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Concealable Body Armor Contract by the Federal Bureau of Investigation

In August 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) awarded a fixed firm price Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for the FBI Overt Integrated Armor. This win marks the second contract award from the FBI for TYR Tactical body armor in a row, the first being the ULVCT contract in March 2020.

The TYR Tactical EPIC FED design solution outperformed all other competitors in the most rigorous testing requirements established in the Body Armor Industry for both ballistic and performance capabilities. The BPA awards a spending maximum of $30M over five years.

This partnership with the FBI gives TYR Tactical the ability to protect agents to the greatest ability technology can offer. I do this because it is my passion and I focus my career and livelihood on this mission, serving those that serve and protect us.

Jason Beck, TYR Tactical’s founder, CEO and designer

Mission sets that agents are exposed to change rapidly in the field. TYR Tactical’s EPIC Fed is a modular, tailorable, scalable solution that allows agents to scale their body armor while in the field. The body armor vest provides soft and hard armor protection and attachment of various pouches, zip-on back panels, and ballistic accessories. Its design is a quick-release Taktic buckle system that provides easy access to agents for donning and doffing their vest. Built-in magazine and administrative pockets keep agents organized and prepared for the unknown. Strategically placed identification placard locations are in five vest areas, ensuring proper identification regardless of the agent’s position. The feature-rich, full coverage body armor vest is designed for the male and female anatomy. TYR Tactical has been creating female body armor since 2013 and has several patents based upon its unique shape and design. Over the years, the extensive testing that has taken place is applied to this carrier’s design for the FBI.

TYR Tactical utilized its patented Ballistic Vein as a staple to the integrity of this carrier’s ballistic performance. The Ballistic Vein increases the ballistic performance by up to 40% reduction of backface in comparison to other competitors performance. Additionally, the ballistic vein is a patented panel suspension and energy dispersing platform that retains the carrier in proper alignment, prevents bunching, and supports the soft armor to improve edg shot protection.

TYR Tactical’s soft armor, NFA3/10, is designed to be a flexible, light-weight patent-pending solution that is certified NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA and the FBI’s demanding ballistic standards.

This opportunity has led to an increase of 22 jobs in Peoria, Arizona, manufacturing the EPIC Fed Body Armor and Soft Armor.

Source: TYR Tactical news release

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