Glenair's STAR-PAN NG family of hubs to be integrated into Tomahawk's Kinesis Ecosystem, extending Kinesis to a growing number of service members.

Tomahawk Robotics enters into an agreement with Glenair, extending the Kinesis Ecosystem to the family of STAR-PAN NG Multiport Hubs

Recent developments in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine have underscored a seismic shift in the landscape of warfare, emphasizing the pivotal role that Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems (UxVs) now play in mission execution.

This paradigm shift has prompted a critical examination of operational demands. It has led to the realization of an urgent need for streamlined control systems that effectively empower warfighters to manage multiple UxVs in complex battlespaces.

Glenair’s STAR-PAN NG family of hubs to be integrated into Tomahawk’s Kinesis Ecosystem, extending Kinesis to a growing number of service members.

The Kinesis Ecosystem is being extended to Glenair’s family of STAR-PAN NG hubs to address this need. This partnership will integrate every STAR-PAN NG hub with the advanced Kinesis networking technology that allows warfighters to control multiple UxVs from different manufacturers, all on the same network.

This partnership is a game changer for the warfighter and only enhances the capabilities offered by Glenair and Tomahawk Robotics! Our teams understand the critical needs of our service members, and together we have developed a combined solution that will ensure a successful mission.

Pat McKiernan, Business Development Manager

Seamless interoperability between Glenair STAR-PAN soldier and vehicle hubs and Tomahawk Robotics Kinesis Ecosystem is a major win for US and NATO warfighters. Expanded command and control of uncrewed assets plus real-time video and COT rebroadcasting is a breakthrough for soldiers across multiple domains. Glenair is all-in on this powerful next step in warfighter situational awareness and mission effectiveness.

Garrett Croft, Senior VP of Marketing

This agreement will extend the Kinesis Ecosystem beyond specialist users to every connected soldier in the fight and further extends Kinesis to a host of new use cases for both US and international partners.

Source: Tomahawk Robotics news release

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