TNVC and Forward Controls Design Panel, Cable Management-MLOK (PCM-MLOK)

TNVC is proud to announce the release of a new collaborative project with Forward Controls Design, the Panel, Cable Management-MLOK (PCM-MLOK!

Designed as a simple product to solve a simple problem, the PCM-MLOK provides remote switch cable management for mission critical accessories. In the past, end-users have either had to choose between placing accessories in less-than-optimal positions to locate the controls where they could be reached, or have had to use zip-ties, electrical tape, camoform fabric, and a myriad of other methods to manage device control cables.

The TNVC/FCD PCM-MLOK is a machined aluminum multi-directional cable management device that affixes to any MLOK-Compatible interface, and can be used to both route and protect remote device activation cables.

Unlike zip-ties or most other cable management solutions available on the market, the PCM-MLOK is designed to fully protect as much of the exposed cable as possible, preventing the “Night Monster” from grabbing and snagging exposed cable, causing damage to the cable, switches, or device connectors themselves. Nevertheless, creating a product that improves on cable management better than zip-ties is a more difficult task than it sounds like!

When seeking out a partner to develop a cable management system, we reached out to Forward Controls Design, a company known for its focus on function over form, and for taking the smallest and simplest components of the AR system that most people take for granted, and thoroughly studying their function, and finding ways to improve them.

The result of this collaboration is the TNVC/FCD PCM-MLOK, machined from aircraft grade aluminum billet by Arson Machine Co., which not only provides the best protection for remote switch cables, but allows for an open architecture, promoting airflow and head dissipation. The PCM also features Forward Controls Design signature “All Angles” dimpled surface texture, which both provides effective gripping surface from (get this) all angles, while also increasing surface area, further encouraging heat dissipation and mitigation.

While the use of machined aluminum makes the PCM more expensive than many other cable management solutions, it provides considerable functional improvements to other options, while largely eliminating what was once the “weak link” in visual augmentation systems device integration.

The internal cable channels can support cables up to 0.140? in diameter, accepting most common Surefire, Crane/Insight, and Unity Tactical remote switch cables, and the internal cable routing features a 0.150? radius to allowing cables to be routed at 90 degree angles without putting unnecessary stress on the cable with sharp kinks and corners.

The TNVC/FCD PCM-MLOK is proudly made and designed in the USA, and is Type III hard coat anodized in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Olive Drab and retails for $29.99

Source: TNVC news release

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