Thyrm Introduces the LPC Clip

Thyrm® changed the premium flashlight market in 2014 with the introduction of the SwitchBack®. Individuals could now pocket-carry most premium flashlights like Surefire and Streamlight with the SwitchBack’s pocket clip.

he SwitchBack’s finger ring introduced a host of new features to the handheld light market including flashlight retention and the SwitchBack technique for use with handguns. Consumer demand for a low-profile flashlight carry clip spurred the design of the SwitchBack’s undercover cousin – introducing the LPC Clip™.

The LPC (Low Profile Carry) Clip offers deep carry of premium flashlights like Modlite Systems, Surefire Fury, 6P and G2X, Streamlight Protac HL/HL-X, and the soon-to-be-released Cloud Defensive handheld. This low ride height minimizes visual signature.

Thyrm designed subtle control surfaces into the LPC to aid in secure deployments and various grip techniques. A lanyard hole fits 1/8” shock-cord and paracord.

As with all Thyrm products, LPC Clips are designed and made in the USA.

Source: Thyrm news relase

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