The HIGH WATER SERIES from Mystery Ranch

MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading backpack company devoted to making mission-specific packs, has done it again by introducing the HIGH WATER SERIES. Consisting of six waterproof products, the HIGH WATER SERIES was built to meet the demands of hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts.

Utilizing technology you’ve never seen from MYSTERY RANCH, the HIGH WATER SERIES was designed as a multi-use, water-tight solution. On the river, in the backcountry or caught in a storm, the innovative construction method paired with the materials and trims used on this collection of packs tolerates extreme elements and is resilient for daily use. It will undoubtedly be very enticing to add at least one of these incredible packs or accessories to next year’s arsenal.

The HIGH WATER SERIES contains the DUFFEL, FLIP, FORAGER, HIP PACK, LID and SHOULDER BAG – all waterproof products fill needs in a wide variety of situations. For information on the complete series, visit

Now, let’s highlight a few of the HIGH WATER products.


The HIGH WATER DUFFEL is made with burly 840D ballistic nylon, Tru-Zip® waterproof zippers and RF welding. With multi-use shoulder straps, you choose how you want to carry, and quick-access mesh pockets and reinforced daisy chains keep you organized. This pack fits perfectly on your MYSTERY RANCH Overload® feature or stands alone for travel on land or water.


Possibly the most universal and convenient product in the new MYSTERY RANCH line is the HIGH WATER FORAGER. Its RF-welded construction and Tru-Zip® zipper offer a completely waterproof accessory that’s small in size. On the river or in the backcountry, accessories such as cell phones, wallets and car keys will stay protected from the elements.


The HIGH WATER HIP PACK is another protector of important accessories but in a slightly larger footprint. This cross-over body/hip pack is perfect for any adventure that gets you out of the house. Throwing ties, floating the river or in a damp hunting camp, the HIGH WATER HIP PACK is your simple solution for ultimate protection.


Whether stalking or just summiting, the fully waterproof HIGH WATER LID adds an extra layer of protection to the gear you need the most. Built with 840D ballistic nylon with double-sided TPU coating for waterproofness and RF welded to create high-strength fused, leak-proof seals, this lid ensures that your gear stays dry. The HIGH WATER LID can be incorporated on various MYSTERY RANCH backpacks.


The MYSTERY RANCH HIGH WATER FLIP offers RF-welded construction on 840 ballistic nylon TPU coated fabric ready for whatever your mission may be from the coffee shop to the trailhead. With the floating computer sleeve and vented lid pocket, this pack is made equally for being in the office or out of service.


Somedays, you go straight from the paddle board to the patio, and the HIGH WATER SHOULDER BAG was designed for precisely that. Burly 840 ballistic nylon and RF welding, paired with TRU Zip® zippers, offer complete waterproofness – while the front stormproof zipper adds easy access yet reliable protection and comes together to create a multi-use, user-friendly, street-worthy bag.

Source: Mystery Ranch news release

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