Thales Belgium & WB Group an MoU to Develop a New RCWS with 70mm Rockets

Leveraging their respective competencies, the three entities will capitalize on their synergies and expertise to market together. The AREX ZMU 03/05 turret will be armed with Thales Belgium unguided and guided rockets.

AREX ZMU unmanned turrets are distinguished by their modular design. These systems, engineered and made in Poland, are capable of adapting to any weapon in calibers from 5.56 mm to 40 mm. The ZMU turrets are 20% lighter compared to other solutions.

The ZMU 03/05 modular design enables quick service and repair, as well as easy upgrades and modernization. All AREX remote controlled weapon stations are equipped with double optical sensor and gun stabilization.

Thanks to the integration of unguided and guided rocket systems, the new AREX ZMU 03/05 will address even more operational needs for land forces such as Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) and precision guided munition for Ground-to-Ground use at a lower cost.

The Precision Guided Munition FZ275 LGR has been developed by Thales Belgium to close the gap between guns, cannons, unguided rockets and high-end missiles, meeting the demands for an efficient C-AUS solution. The FZ275 LGR adds the precision for light armoured targets like buildings, aircraft on ground, light armoured vehicles, radar and command stations etc.

The system can also be used to counter drone threats with a simple and cost-efficient solution being able to address UAS at ranges up to 3 km and height up to 2.5 km, using the newly developed FZ123 warhead on existing unguided rocket motors and with most of the rocket launchers in Thales’ portfolio.

Additional future capabilities in land solutions and counter-drone solution can easily be implemented too on the solution developed by WB Electronics, Arex and Thales Belgium.

Source: Thales news release