Textron Systems Delivers All-Electric RIPSAW® M5, Known as M5-E

In July, Textron Systems and Howe & Howe Inc. delivered an all-electric version of the RIPSAW® M5, known as M5-E, to Robotics Research (RR), LLC. This robotic vehicle was delivered in its flat-deck configuration to support the U.S Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center’s weapon integration testing.

The contract, awarded Fall 2020, produced a vehicle with advanced technology providing unprecedented capability. With this delivery, our team remains poised to provide additional aftermarket support with training, equipment familiarization, operations sustainment and more.

The M5-E’s flat deck configuration makes it an ideal integration and test platform for modular mission packages (MMPs). As an all-electric robotic unmanned ground vehicle, the M5-E is designed to support silent maneuvers, without compromising power or mobility.

The M5-E supports a diverse set of missions that remove the soldier from the riskiest places on the battlefield. The system incorporates a modular open system architecture that enables a rapid exchange of payloads. Ease of integration was paramount in the system design, as there are a wide variety of payloads that can be integrated, including weapons, mine clearing, electronic warfare, counter unmanned aircraft systems (CUAS), logistic resupply and more. Using robotic ground vehicles to perform these missions increases standoff and provides additional protection to our warfighters.

With Howe& Howe’s rich history of innovation, the M5 is a testament to years of hard work. Leveraging Textron Systems’ demonstrated expertise in the unmanned industry, spanning air, land and sea domains, including over 1.5 million UAS flight hours, combined with over fifty years of combat vehicle manufacturing makes our company the right partner for our customers. Textron Systems and Howe & Howe are committed to investing in our products to ensure our warfighters keep pace with their dynamic tactical environments, and thereby create the desired overmatch. The M5-E was built at the Howe & Howe manufacturing and innovation facility in Waterboro, Maine and supported through design, integration and testing at Textron Systems’ Hunt Valley, Md. facility.

Source: Textron Systems news release

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