TenCate Advanced Armour Begins Manufacturing Armour for Spain’s Dragon VCR Vehicle

TenCate Advanced Armour successfully launches manufacturing of the armour system for Spanish Army’s 8×8 Dragon VCR combat vehicle program.

TenCate Advanced Armour has launched the full production phase to supply composite armour systems for the Dragon VCR Combat Vehicle Program. The manufacturing phase marks the successful delivery of an important part of the survivability suite to one of the world’s most advanced IFV programs. In a partnership with TESS Defence, TenCate Advanced Armour has managed the development of an important part of the survivability aspect from the early phases of the program.

TESS Defence has welcomed TenCate Advanced Armour as a partner in the project to add extensive capability in terms of survivability management and integration from an early stage. The 8×8 Dragon VCR combat vehicle program is remarkable and a great success for the consortium of Spanish companies to develop and field a unique combat vehicle.

Miguel Morell, General Manager, TESS Defence

We are extremely proud to be the selected partner for TESS Defence for the 8×8 Dragon VCR combat vehicle. Our partnering in the program is a result of a multi-year development effort. Receiving the order to manufacture the composite armour, is a great reward, bringing the project full circle.

Steen Tanderup, CEO, TenCate Advanced Armour

The 8×8 Dragon VCR combat vehicle program marks the delivery of the first variant of a new generation of armoured platforms to the Spanish Army.

TenCate Advanced Armour provides survivability systems to our customers, uniquely designed for personal protection, land systems, watercraft, and aviation platforms. With a background in composites, TenCate Advanced Armour is an industrial-scale engineering and manufacturing partner with capabilities to support in requirements for high-performance composites across the world.

Source: TenCate Advanced Armour news release

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