TELDAT establishes cooperation with major US defense contractor – Northrop Grumman

In May 2021, TELDAT and Northrop Grumman Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support the development and integration of command and control systems.

Establishing cooperation with such a highly renowned company as Northrop Grumman is a reason for pride and a prospect of unique opportunities for development and creative long-term cooperation. TELDAT has been successfully cooperating also with another important foreign business partner for several years. Our companies operate in the field of advanced military technologies and have a lot in common from the highest ethical standards to highly specialized engineering staff, high-quality products, and impeccably executed contracts.

Sebastian Cichocki, TELDAT President

Cooperation between TELDAT and Northrop Grumman represents not only success and business opportunities for our companies but also a great chance for Poland in terms of gaining another area for global promotion of a Polish brand and the prospect of obtaining further revenues for our country’s budget. In our opinion, valuable knowledge, experience, top quality solutions and competences – which certainly exist on both sides of the international cooperation – constitute an important asset and benefit. They will effectively influence the process of technical modernization of the Polish Armed Forces and, in the future, may propagate beyond the borders of our country, especially in the field of C4ISR class solutions.

Sebastian Cichocki, TELDAT President

We are committed to enhancing the sovereign capabilities of Polish companies like TELDAT. We look forward to working together on joint cooperation and development opportunities in Integrated Air and Missile Defense, All-Domain Command and Control, military Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and hardware and software engineering.

Christine Harbison, vice president and general manager, combat systems and mission readiness, Northrop Grumman


For the past 25 years, TELDAT has been the only Polish company in the field of military ICT (including extensive/comprehensive automated combat and crisis management systems) to be dynamically and effectively operating in the areas of broadly understood security and defence. It has highly specialized skills to include engineering, the highest in Poland and internationally-known competences and capabilities, as well as comprehensive and standardized, NATO-recommended, nationally and internationally recognized hardware and software solutions. The company possesses a high level economic and defense importance, has one of the highest and broadest certification levels in the field of industrial security and classified information protection. It specializes mainly in the effective execution of research and development, design, production, development, as well as implementation and maintenance (including remote maintenance monitoring which is rarely seen in military ICT solutions) of specialized ICT products. These ICT products are designated for entities responsible for security and national and allied defense and are delivered on time and to the satisfaction of the customer. TELDAT is the only Polish company of this type whose products and services continue to be provided in large assortment, quantity, and wide range, and are successfully applied as well as researched and tested in the following:

  • most units and institutions of the Polish Army, the Armed Forces of many allied countries (also in the implementation phase in subsequent coalition armies) and in international peace and stabilization missions, especially in: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central African Republic, Congo, Chad, The Baltic States, the Balkans, Kuwait and the contingents in Latvia, Romania and Italy, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Lebanon;
  • Subsequent editions of the largest military exercises organized by the Polish, US and NATO forces. In many of these projects, TELDAT’s solutions and services were used as reference and were the only Polish ones;
  • international projects and programs with a global reach, including a growing scope of projects implemented with Raytheon from the USA and as part of the Multilateral Interoperability Program (MIP), in which TELDAT and its products were the only Polish (and among the very few others) that passed the highest level of tests for many years;
  • Polish, NATO, European and American research laboratories. For example, in the latter, they had been tested (including in the field of ICT security) for over a year. Positive test results in this process, among others, led to the marketing of military solutions produced by TELDAT globally.

Source: TELDAT news release

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