Tasmanian Tiger Tac Modular Pack 30

The famous German outdoor gear company Tatonka few years ago launched Tasmanian Tiger brand due to increasing demand from tactical market. In 2017, they added Tac Modular Pack series to their backpack offer which, we got right after IWA/EnforceTac 2017 for a long-term review. In FRAG OUT! #18 we have shown you Tasmanian Tiger Tac Modular Pack 30 Vent with fancy ventilated carrying system. Now is time for more classic version, the Tac Modular Pack 30.

Tasmanian Tiger Modular Pack 30 is a 30 liters pack that could fit as an “assault” or 3-day backpack with single compartment construction closed with a flap on top. Slick and quite streamlined and thanks to its outdoor roots it doesn’t scream “tactical” from miles. It must be noted that despite similar name and overall concept, both versions of packs are different from each other. The 30 Vent model is more urban low-profile pack, when Modular Pack 30 is more military field pack.

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