INVISIO equiiped SkyRunner MK3.2 in flight

SkyRunner Selects INVISIO Intercom and AI equipped Gen II communication systems for the SkyRunner MK3.2 Light Sport Aircraft

The SkyRunner Team continues to build on the MK 3.2 military-grade platform through strategic partnerships with industry-leading defense innovators. INVISIO’s V-Series Gen II control units employ artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver unparalleled audio performance in extremely noisy environments and allow for communication on any radio. Linked via INVISIO IntelliCable® with an advanced intercom system into lightweight and rugged T7 headsets, this complete system allows SkyRunner pilots to seamlessly communicate clearly on any type of public safety or military radio as well as mobile phones.

SkyRunner’s Chief Strategy Officer Michael Jensen headed up this joint project for SkyRunner. As a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel and Career Special Operator, he was intimately familiar with INVISIO systems from his Active Duty service. Jensen observed that,

This upgrade builds on SkyRunner’s demonstrated mission sets as an exceptionally capable command and control platform, mesh network relay, or ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) platform.”

Michael Jensen, SkyRunner’s Chief Strategy Officer
SkyRunner INVISIO Flight Testing

This MILSPEC rated system also dramatically improves the user experience for recreational SkyRunner pilots. Now pilot and passenger can enjoy clear communication and low ambient noise levels during all phases of flight and even enjoy music or make phone calls using via the integrated Bluetooth module, while smart override algorithms ensure that you’ll never miss a call from Air Traffic Control. SkyRunner CEO Stewart Hamel personally conducted the test flights for the new intercom system and reiterated his founding values, remarking that “Installing INVISIO as standard equipment on all SkyRunners mirrors our consistent commitment to best-in-the-world technology that we use to curate every part of every aircraft.”

With our new advanced capabilities with Intercom and Gen II AI control units, we were able to borrow from our lessons learned with ground vehicles and aviation platforms to create a unique communication solution for the SkyRunner MK 3.2 aircraft. This solution provides crystal clear communication capabilities wherever the SkyRunner can take their customers and we are excited to be a part of it.

Nicholas Lafferty, Vice President INVISIO Mobility group
INVISIO equiiped SkyRunner MK3.2 in flight

Source: SkyRunner news release

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