Frag Out! Magazine #16 - Selekcja 2017

Selekcja: Twenty Years

The SELEKCJA (Polish “Selection’) was born in 1998, in the editor’s office of the non-existing now “Żołnierz Polski” official Polish MOD weekly – the magazine that at that time was the first contact with the army for many young persons. Mr. Piotr Bernabiuk hit upon the idea of this event, which was supposed to pave the way to the army for the young men with the outstanding skills. He invited to its realization MAJ Arkaduusz Kups who served then (after a dissolution of 56th SF Company) in the developed air cavalry brigade.

As a site for carrying out a SELEKCJA, the Drawsko military training ground has been chosen(and more precisely the center of special training in Jawor), that was well known to Kups and the former special forces soldiers as a bedrock for SOF training. A selection of the persons for the first editions of the event has been “correspondence-related” and has been conducted on the basis of the letters delivered the editor’s office in an amount of approximately one thousand prior to the event. It has not been very professional – a skills level of the participants has frequently diverged from the achievements described in the letters (but after all paper endures all …)…



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