Saab Teams with Action Manufacturing on U.S. Production for IAM Offer

The teaming agreement announced at AUSA was signed on July 28, 2021 and brings together Saab’s world-renowned excellence in ground combat systems with Action’s decades of production experience supplying precision ordnance for the U.S. Armed Forces. Saab’s IAM offer allows the U.S. Army to leverage existing industrial, logistical and operator knowledge, along with prior investment in the combat-proven firepower of Saab’s M136/AT4 shoulder fired weapon.

This strategic agreement means Saab’s IAM weapon for the U.S. warfighter will be produced here in the United States by Action Manufacturing, whose experience and expertise will add value to our offer and our customer. This means Saab’s offer for the IAM requirement is strengthening both the individual soldier’s effectiveness and the U.S. industrial base for ground combat weapons.

Erik Smith, President and CEO of Saab Inc.

Action Manufacturing and Saab are a fantastic team for the IAM program. At Action Manufacturing, our employees have been delivering precision ordnance for the U.S. Armed Forces to the highest of standards. Being chosen to build Saab’s offer for the IAM program is just the kind of work we excel in.

Sean Gibbs, President and CEO of Action Manufacturing Company

Saab’s offer for the IAM program is based on the M136/AT4 family that has been in U.S. service for over 35 years, and is deployed by over 15 countries worldwide. It is a lightweight, simple to use weapon that a dismounted soldier, or one operating from within a confined space, simply aims, fires and destroys the target. Saab’s IAM solution is characterized by exceptional terminal effects against a variety of hardened target types, combined by its ease of use and handling.

Under the teaming agreement, Action Manufacturing will carry out manufacturing and production of Saab’s IAM solution at their sites in Bristol and Atglen, Pennsylvania.

This decision to offer U.S. production is part Saab’s international growth strategy and aligns with other decisions for domestic production in the U.S. market, as with the aerospace sector for T-7A and in the Surveillance Radar sector with AN/SPS-77.

Source: Saab news release

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