Rohde & Schwarz SOVERON ATC radio communications for Poland

Rohde & Schwarz is proud to announce the contract award by the Polish Armaments Agency for the delivery of multiple VHF/UHF R&S M3SR Series4400 software defined radio stations of the SOVERON family for air traffic control (ATC).

The contract includes the modernization of existing infrastructure, in accordance with the strict conditions set out in the Directive. The VHF/UHF radio stations will undergo software updates to incorporate the secure communication HAVE QUICK II and SATURN functionalities.

Rohde & Schwarz is proud to support Poland’s defense on this important project, which will enhance the safety and efficiency of operations across the Polish airspace.

The acquisition of these radio stations is crucial for maintaining a unified communication system within the Polish Armed Forces. By procuring the equipment from Rohde & Schwarz, the Polish Armaments Agency ensures compatibility and seamless integration with its existing infrastructure.

Maciej Stopniak, Office Head of Rohde & Schwarz Poland

The specific demand for military ATC includes international cooperation during peacekeeping and humanitarian missions alongside comprehensive interoperability, internal, joint and multinational, from the operations center to each individual aircraft. As Rohde & Schwarz is a pioneer in civil ATC and military communications solutions, this expertise is of benefit for both markets.

Source: Rohde & Schwarz news release

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