Rheinmetall Lynx KF41 – modular, agile and highly protected family of combat vehicles for global operations

Rheinmetall’s Lynx KF41 is one of the world’s most advanced modular armoured fighting vehicles. At its global debut at Eurosatory 2018 in Paris, France, Lynx received instant global acclaim and recognition.

This versatile platform is currently in the running to replace legacy fleets in the Czech Republic, Australia, the United States and other countries. One of Lynx’s great strengths is the platform’s modularity and agility with which it can be adapted to specific customer requirements. As a global Original Equipment Manufacturer, Rheinmetall is ready and willing to work in partnership with local industry to execute major defence projects abroad.

On 10 May 2019, Rheinmetall provided international defence journalists a special opportunity to experience Lynx for themselves in its natural German habitat, the Rheinmetall Landsysteme premises in Unterluess, Lower Saxony. The IFV variant of the modular Lynx platform will soon be heading to the Czech Republic, where it will enter into the competition to replace the Czech Army’s BMP 2 legacy fleet. For this purpose, Rheinmetall is cooperating closely with prominent Czech defence firms.

Lynx: lethal, survivable, agile and versatile

From its inception, Lynx was designed to be a modular platform in a versatile family of vehicles. Based on proven technologies, it is designed to achieve maximum lethality, survivability, mobility and versatility on the battlefield. An array of powerful weaponry, state of-the-art force protection technology and all-terrain agility contributes to this tracked platform’s battlefield superiority. The versatility of Lynx lends itself to military operations of every kind – from low intensity and peacekeeping missions all the way to high-intensity combat.

The IFV variant of Lynx KF41 (KF stands for ‘Kettenfahrzeug’, German for tracked vehicle) was first unveiled to the public at Eurosatory 2018 in Paris, France. Weighing in at 40 tonnes, the vehicle boasts variable, high payload capacity and best-in-class interior volume, enough to carry a three-man crew plus a group of up to nine dismounts, if required.

Thanks to its modular architecture, Lynx can be quickly and easily configured for different roles. Besides the IFV role, a number of other variants are available as well; including command and control, reconnaissance, combat engineering, repair and recovery variants as well as a field ambulance – and this by no means exhausts the list. It takes only a handful of individuals and a few hours to change a mission module, as effectively demonstrated on the Rheinmetall show stand at Eurosatory 2018.The main armament of the Lance turret fitted on the IFV variant is a fully stabilized, airburstcapable automatic cannon, currently available in 30mm and 35mm calibres. This enables Lynx to engage targets effectively, efficiently and with great precision at ranges of 3,000 metres – even when the vehicle is on the move. Moreover, the Lance turret can be additionally equipped with a variety of anti-tank guided missiles. Other effector options include remotely operated weapon stations, electronic countermeasures and others.

Lynx’s superb mobility, even in tough terrain, makes the platform stand out. Lynx features the latest drive technology, including an 850 kW (1140 HP) Liebherr engine and a tried-and tested Renk transmission system. Lynx has the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class. Its flexible running gear keeps Lynx firmly on track in every mission configuration and protection

Lynx around the world

Lynx has a proven track record for air transport in the Antonov An-124 and C-17 aircraft. Only a few weeks after premiering at Eurosatory in Paris, Lynx was airlifted for the first on an
intercontinental flight. Rheinmetall displayed Lynx KF41 IFV at Land Forces Conference in Adelaide, South Australia in August 2018, affirming its status as a serious contender in Australia’s Land 400 Phase 3 project. The Australian Army intends to procure up to 400 medium-weight tracked armored fighting vehicles in nine roles. In February of this year, Rheinmetall successfully submitted its proposal for Land 400 Phase 3.

Following Land Forces Conference, Lynx KF41 was flown directly into Ostrava in the Czech Republic, where it was on show at the NATO Days event in September 2018, underscoring Rheinmetall’s pursuit of the BMP-2 replacement tender. The Czech Republic is looking to acquire up to 210 new medium-weight combat vehicles in the near term. A number of neighbouring countries are watching the decision closely.

From the Czech Republic, Lynx continued its journey to Washington, D.C. to participate in AUSA in October 2018. Rheinmetall, together with its US partner Raytheon Company, made clear their intent to pursue the US Army’s Next-Generation Combat Vehicle-Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (NGCV-OMFV) program. Drawing on Rheinmetall’s and Raytheon’s combined systems integration expertise, the international team plans to offer a variant of Lynx equipped with guided missiles and sensors. Under NGCV-OMFV, the US Army intends to replace its entire fleet of Bradley Fighting Vehicles (BFVs), starting in 2026 – several thousand vehicles in all.

Source: Rheinmetall Defence

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