Raven Concealment Systems Announces Signature Reduction from MATBOCK for Holsters and Accessories

Raven Concealment Systems announced today an exciting new partnership with MATBOCK to provide Near-IR compliant signature reduction for the RCS product line.

The result of this partnership is that RCS will now be able to offer their holsters and magazine carriers clad with MATBOCK Skins. The Skins provide significant signature reduction under both visible light and infrared/night vision, while also reducing noise signature of anything that scrapes against the outside of the holster.

MATBOCK introduced the Skins over a year ago, and since that time, they have been used extensively on helmets, dive fins, night vision goggles, and countless other pieces of kit where durable signature reduction was required.

“Normally, when we talk about how great our holsters are at ‘concealment,’ we’re talking about how we designed them to hug your body very closely to make it easier to hide them under clothing. But for some missions, ‘concealment’ means something completely different. Sometimes, the holster needs to blend in with a uniform. Sometimes, it needs to be Near-IR Compliant so that it doesn’t show up as a glowing orb when someone is looking at you through night-vision goggles.

Some companies will use hydro-dip to put a Multicam pattern on their holsters. This kinda ‘looks’ like Multicam (if you don’t look too closely) but it doesn’t do anything to reduce noise signature, and it actually makes your gear stand out even more under night-vision than if they had just left it black.

Other companies accomplish signature reduction by gluing Cordura nylon onto their holsters. While that method does help with signature reduction, the MATBOCK Skins provide equal or superior signature reduction while also weighing less and being much more precisely fitted – which means they also happen to look significantly better in daylight, when your friends are admiring your gear.

This is why we are so excited to announce this partnership: MATBOCK now provides our product-line the best Near-IR compliant signature reduction solution available on the market.

Michael Goerlich, owner of Raven Concealment Systems

Just in time for the holidays, RCS has released a special bundle of their products featuring MATBOCK Skins. Each bundle includes a Lictor M4 rifle magazine carrier, a Lictor G9 dual pistol magazine carrier, and your choice of either a Glock 19 or a Sig P320C/M18 Perun, all shipped with Multicam MATBOCK Skins factory-installed.

Source: Raven Concealment Systems news release

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