Frag Out! Magazine #15 - AK from Radom

Pioneer Arms Corp: AK from Radom

Pioneer Arms Corp. still remains one of the lesser known gun manufacturing company based in Poland. PAC headquarters and main plant are located in the city of Radom in Central Poland, which was always a home to the Polish weapon manufacturing. It is the Radom, where the famous 9mm Luger Vis wz.35 pistol was born before the World War Two. Currently, city still remains a Polish main small arms producing center.

The first firearms developed by PAC were a Couch Guns – the 12 gauge two-barrel (side by side) external hammer Western-style shotguns suitable for Cowboy Action Shooting. The shotgun had 18.5 inch barrels. Later on, when a need in the U.S. market rise, the company started to convert new old stock PPS-43 SMG bought from the military to the semi-auto PPS-43C which became a huge success. The company can also provide the famous PM-63 RAK submachine guns in the semi-auto version named PM-63C, which is already in production for international markets. But the most famous are Pioneer Arms Corp. civilian Kalashnikov clones. History of the PAC made AK assault rifles starts when company was converting former military stocks of rifles to the semi-auto configuration for civilian markets, but after purchase advanced CNC machines, Pioneer Arms Corp. launched a production of brand new AK rifles.



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