PepperBall Introduces Their New TCP Ready to Defend Kit

PepperBall®, the world leader in powerful, safe and effective non-lethal self-defense solutions, has introduced its new PepperBall TCP™ Ready to Defend Kit. The industry-leading non-lethal solution in personal protection is now available as a complete package, ready for civilian use.

The Ready to Defend Kit includes the TCP launcher, two magazines, five LIVE SD projectiles, five inert practice projectiles, two CO2 cartridges, a cleaning tube and cleaning lubricant, all in a lightweight carrying case. Now bundled as a package, this PepperBall kit ensures customers have everything needed for non-lethal protection, with practice rounds available to gain comfort with firing the launcher.

Every smart citizen should be able to defend themselves. We’re proud to offer powerful non-lethal self-protection solutions that give peace of mind – all in a ready-to-use bundle that also travels extremely well.

Ben Larsen, Director of Consumer Sales at United Tactical Systems

The TCP launcher is not a firearm and does not require a license or waiting period, yet its six-round capacity offers stopping power and accuracy up to 150 feet. This non-lethal self-defense option creates time and distance needed to evade a threat, and the TCP launcher allows for adjustable velocity from 260 to 300fps (feet-per-second).

Popular in the security and law enforcement communities, the TCP is well regarded for its easy-to-load, easy-to-operate, multi-shot, semi-automatic capabilities that make it a leader in personal defense situations.

Source: PepperBall news release

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