Ops-Core FAST R2 Helmet – Defeats AK 7.62×39 rounds

The FAST R2 helmet is the newest member of the Ops-Core FAST helmet family and the most innovative and advanced head protection on the market. In addition to protection against fragments and handgun rounds, it is capable to stop 7.62 x 39 AK rounds.

The FAST R2 can be seamlessly integrated into the Ops-Core total system solutions for the head, including headset, NVG and respiratory protection. In LARGE size, the FAST R2 weighs 1600 grams.

Availability expected in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

Photo: IEA Mil-Optics GmbH

The helmets is based on the latest Ops-Core SF Super High Cut Ballistic Helmet realeased in 2018.

  • Super high cut, ballistic shell made of a hybrid composite of the most advanced Carbon, Unidirectional Polyethylene and woven Aramid.
  • Compatibility with FAST head borne accessories.
  • Super high cut shell geometry extends critical coverage over the rear occipital lobe without load carrier interference, and optimizes weight distribution for increased stability, integration, balance, and improved comfort.
  • Ear cut geometry is 16 mm higher than the legacy FAST XP High Cut shell shape, allowing for clearance of larger headset style communication devices.
  • Super High Cut Skeleton Rails offer lower profile with a 30% weight reduction from FAST MT Super High Cut Rails.
  • Features a lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) which reduces snag hazards and interference. Carabiner clips improve NVG retention and stability.
  • Molded liner features proprietary recessed groove, accommodating over-the-head communications headsets with no interference or user discomfort, and ability to doff and don helmet without removing the headset.
  • Base of helmet features expanded polypropylene (EPP) liner, offering enhanced impact protection, and molded-in vent holes are integrated with the shell to provide increased airflow and reduce heat stress.
  • Performance specification according to Gentex PS-1368
Photo: IEA Mil-Optics GmbH

13-09-2021 UPDATE – the RF1 is the official name of new helmet.

Source: IEA Mil-Optics GmbH

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