Frag Out! Magazine #16 - Operation Red Dagger FTX

Operation Red Dagger 2017

From 9th to 10th May 2017 a large scale exercise was held on and around Twente Airport and the city of Enschede in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Elements of the 11th Airmobile Brigade, the Defence Helicopter Command (DHC), Korps Commando Troepen (KCT) and 336th Squadron of the Royal Netherlands Air Force were thoroughly trained and evaluated.

Since November 1945 in use by the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the Twente Air Base was host for many units and types of aircraft. Since the introduction of the Canadair/Northrop NF-5 in the early 1970’s, the Air Base hosted the 313th Squadron and the 315th Squadron. They were converted to the General Dynamics F-16 in June 1987 and March 1986 respectively and participated in operations “Deny Flight”, “Decisive Endeavour”, “Deliberate Guard”, “Determined Falcon” operating out of Villafranca Air Base in Italy, and “Deliberate Forge”, and “Allied Force”, from Amendola Air Base in Italy. From July 2003 313th & 315th Squadron were sent to Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan…


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