Frag Out! Magazine #15 - Olight PL-1 Valkyrie Weaponlight

Olight PL-1 Valkyrie Weaponlight

Weapon mounted flashlights are offered by many companies. The end-user can choose between models in the different price tags, but he rather has to be prepared to spent a big chunk of cash for quality weaponlight… It turns out that the pretty good pistol WML can be made and have even reasonable price. Meet Olight PL-1 Valkyrie.

Little over a year ago an Olight company – manufacturer of excellent price to quality ratio flashlights, released PL-1 Valkyrie pistol WML. In end of 2016 it was replaced by second generation, the PL-1 Valkyrie II with some enhancements and improvements. I own both Olight WMLs and I were using them through couple months (Gen 1 – what is quite obvious – longer) and I can share my feedback with you.


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