NVLS Maximus Quad Eye Panoramic Night Vision Goggles

Month ago we have shared a story about Photonis releasing their brand new quad panoramic night vision goggles to the US market. Just couple days ago, the TNVC company informed that they will finally launched the famous L3Harris GPNVG for commercial sales. But there is also a third option for “panos” available – the NVLS Maximus, made here in Europe.

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The NVLS (Night Vision Lasers Spain) is rather unknown night vision and electrooptical company from Spain. We have seen their QUAD EYE for the first time in 2019 when they were officially released during the DSEi trade show in London. Just recently the company launched a new website and it seems that they tweaked the goggles a bit and put a new name on it – now they are called the Maximus. It seems that the Photonis PD-PRO-Q Panoramic NVG is based on the earlier version of QUAD EYE as it shares some similarities in the housing, but it’s just our speculation.

Photo source: NVLS

Here’s what NVLS says about their product in the spec sheet (in italics):

This super light weight (20% less than competition) and super compact (20% shorter than competition), ruggedized (metallic light alloy), night vision goggle includes 4 ultra high performance Image Intensifier Tubes, providing a super wide FOV of 104º to the operators. The configuration keeps two paired tubes in front, with inter pupillary adjustment, and two lateral tubes providing peripheral vision.

Photo source: NVLS

The QUAD EYE has a dovetail (BNVS) helmet mount setup for attachment to the NVLS 24 flip up universal adapter on any standard VAS shroud, providing full range of positional adjustment.

Photo source: NVLS

The QUAD EYE is powered by a remote battery pack, tethered to the main unit. The pack works with two or 4 AA batteries, that provides power for circa 15 or 30 hours. The remote battery pack provides a secondary function as a counterweight; it includes a dock for optional supplied counterweights, mandatory for a comfort during prolonged use.

Photo source: NVLS

The close cooperation between NVLS and PHOTONIS makes it possible to install the smallest and most sensitive image intensifier tube in the world: the new 18mm 4G autogated image intensifier tube (High FOM). The result is a high performing and ultra small night vision sensor, suitable for reconnaissance and combat operations in all environments.

Photo source: NVLS

The main distinctive factors of the Quad Eye are:

• Lowest size and weight worldwide. Biggest FOV.
• Multifunction: head and helmet mounted.
• Extreme High Resolution and Signal to Noise =very high FOM
• Fully Autogated and worlds smallest halo.
• Rugged (light alloy) for long term use and 0% water absorption.
• Extended spectral sensitivity due to new generation optics.

Photo source: NVLS

NVLS Maximus technical specs

Optical specs
FOCUS RANGE20 cm to infinity
350nm to 1100nm
TUBE TYPEFour 18mm 4G tubes-black & white
FIGURE OF MERITMin. 2000 (Typical 2200)
RESOLUTION:70 lp/mm minimum
HALO:< 0,7mm (Spot 0,2 mm)
AUTOGATING:Photonis fast autogating. Very fast and
high resolution. It maintains 56 lp/mm
resolution in high light conditions.
Electrical and material specs
POWER SUPPLY4 x1,5 AA batteries (alkaline or lithium)
BATTERY LIFEapprox. 30 hours
CONSTRUCTION:Light metal alloy
Environmental specs
-51ºC to +70 ºC
HUMIDITY92% at 42ºC / 24 hours
Dimensions and weight
L / W / H< 9,8 / 21,5 / 9 cm

The basic kit includes: QUAD EYE goggle, remote battery pack, connection cable, dioptric correction kit, sacrificial objective lenses, NVLS 24 flip up universal adapter, counterweight pack, hard storage box, padded transport case, 4x AA batteries

Source: NVLS. All the pictures featured on this page belong to their respective owners.

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