NP Aerospace Awarded NIJ Certification for New Bomb Disposal Suit

NP Aerospace has announced that its new 4030 ELITE Bomb Disposal Suit has been certified to NIJ 0117.01, the US National Institute of Justice Public Safety Bomb Suit standard, by the Safety Equipment Institute.

The official report was received this week after an intensive 18 month development and testing program – opening up opportunities to sell the suit in the US and other global markets requiring NIJ certification. NP Aerospace is one of only two manufacturers in the world to have been awarded this level of certification on a bomb disposal suit.

NP Aerospace Bomb Disposal Suits are world leading in blast mitigation, survivability and overall comfort and ergonomics. Adding NIJ certification to an already world leading product is a significant accolade for our business and our overall EOD product line. As a global armor manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience in ballistic protection we are well versed in complex testing programs, however reaching this milestone in just 18 months is a major achievement. Users who require NIJ certified Bomb Disposal Suits now have the choice for a highly comfortable, ergonomic option with best in class survivability.

James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace

The 4030 ELITE suit is now part of several program tenders – attracting significant interest from defense and law enforcement organizations. Users at recent US EOD events have commented on the suit’s flexibility and fit at a low weight, advanced blast protection and ability to configure the base suit with a wide range of accessories. Communications, cooling and CBRN systems can be easily added to the suit without costly system upgrades.

EOD and Tactical Search suits are part of the NP Aerospace high-performance defense systems range which includes Ballistic Helmets, Shields, Body Armor Plates and Composite Armor for vehicles, vessels or aircraft.

Source: NP Aerospace news release

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