Nammo and MAC Joining Forces to Develop the Future of Polymer Ammunition

As 2021 gets underway, Nammo and MAC are taking another step towards developing the future of military ammunition.

In late 2020, Nammo acquired the remaining shares in the company, an acquisition that has since received formal approval by the US government. Based out of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, MAC LLC remains the only provider of polymer-cased ammunition to deliver fully qualified and combat proven products to operational units.

Bringing in MAC as a full member of the Nammo family fits very well with our overall strategy. It increases our ability to support our men and women in uniform by lightening their load and boosting their combat efficiency, and it reinforces our position as the world leader in specialty ammunition.

Morten Brandtzæg, President and CEO of Nammo

Nammo made its initial investment in MAC in January 2018, before becoming a majority shareholder a year later, in January 2019. MAC’s polymer case designs are today used extensively by both US and international Special Forces units.

There is a really good match between MAC and Nammo both in terms of culture, technology and customer segments. That match will be a great asset to us as we continue to expand both our production capacity and product offering to meet the demands of our customers as they continue to evolve.

Nick Malkovich, President of MAC LLC

Nammo is today the largest independent provider of specialty ammunition and rocket motors in the Western world, with more than 2700 employees and manufacturing operations in eight European countries and the United States. In the US Nammo employs more than 800 people across eight states, with large operations in both Arizona, Utah and Florida, as well as smaller facilities in Missouri, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland.

Since we made our initial investment three years ago, we have seen significant interest in the benefits of polymer ammunition from several potential customers. As the only company with an operationally proven product, we believe we are in an excellent position to establish ourselves as the market leaders within this segment.

Reijo Bragberg, Nammo’s EVP for Small and Medium Caliber Ammunition

Source: Nammo press release

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