Frag Out! Magazine #16 - Multi-purpose Grenade Launchers for Polish Armed Forces

Multi-purpose Shoulder Fired Grenade Launchers

Since last few years the role of grenade launchers and their purpose in the infantry units is still slowly evolving. Overall number of tanks in the world is melting but at the same time they are getting thicker armors. What’s more, the big push is in the direction of operations in urban terrain and unconventional warfare including fighting with insurgents, what’s causing some revaluation of shoulder-fired grenade launchers on the battlefield

Effectiveness of portable single-shot grenade launchers against tanks has decreased, especially when they are hit in the front in sectors -/+ 30 o from central along axis. Besides, in the real combat it is rarely expected to have practically perpendicular firing position to the front or side (back) of the tank what means that the warhead mostly hits the armor at some angle, what in most cases mean smaller possibility of penetration by hollow charge. When firing at the light armored vehicles, grenade launcher have been and still are effective, even when hit at some serious angle to the armor. In consequence, according to present assumptions there are other weapon systems to fight tanks on the modern battlefield like other tanks, anti-tanks guided missiles or artillery rounds…




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