Moog Announces Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP®) Award For U.S. Army M-SHORAD Increment 1 Program

Moog Inc. announced that its Space and Defense Segment was selected by Leonardo DRS to supply 28 Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP) turrets for the U.S. Army’s Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense Increment 1 (M-SHORAD Inc. 1) program.

M-SHORAD Inc. 1 is designed around the U.S. Army Stryker A1 platform, with Moog’s innovative RIwP being the centerpiece of Leonardo DRS’ Mission Equipment Package. The modularity of RIwP allowed Moog to provide nine prototypes in record time for the Army’s evaluation, leading to this significant award. The initial contract award is for 30 RIwP turrets, 28 to directly support the M-SHORAD Inc. 1 program, one demo unit, and one spare.

Image taken during RIwP tecnical demonstration.

The RIwP M-SHORAD Inc. 1 configuration integrates multiple kinetic effectors including the XM914 30mm cannon and M240 7.62mm machine gun, along with Stinger and Longbow HELLFIRE® missiles. Additionally, this configuration includes MXTM-GCS sighting systems, and Moog’s own HELLFIRE Missile Launcher.

The field-proven RIwP is the result of commitment to unmatched capability from a dedicated team that leverages the best of our company’s diverse and advanced technologies. Moog’s defense business is committed to Equipping Those Who Defend Freedom and based on the positive feedback shared so far from the trained soldiers, RIwP is rapidly building a solid reputation to fulfill all current and future mission objectives.”

Jim Riedel, Group Vice President

We were delighted to hear of our selection as a key supplier on the M-SHORAD Inc. 1 program. This is our first program of record production contract for RIwP and represents the culmination of the hard work and dedication of many employees. Coupled with other recent program awards, this reinforces Moog’s position as a leading supplier of complete turret platforms supporting our warfighters.

Maureen Athoe, President of Moog’s Space and Defense Segment

RIwP was developed with battlefield input allowing Moog engineers to create a multi-mission turret. Its modular and reconfigurable design gives battlefield commanders flexibility and many affordable options to target and defeat current and emerging threats.

Source: Moog news release

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