Mistral Inc., UVision USA, and SAIC to Collaborate on Loitering Munition Systems Manufacturing

Mistral Inc. is pleased to announce achieving a significant milestone in the domestic manufacturing capabilities and domestic supply chain of the USMC Hero-120 Organic Precision Fires–Mounted (OPF-M) and the Medium Range Precision Strike System (MRPSS).

In addition to the already established integration of the Hero’s Lethality Package by Mistral in Camden, Arkansas, UVision Air, Mistral’s subcontractor, and its US subsidiary UVision USA reached an agreement with SAIC to provide domestic manufacturing and supply chain assistance to UVision. This milestone secures a fully independent domestic supply chain for the Hero missiles and adds a considerable number of local jobs in Virginia and South Carolina. These enhanced domestic production resources will enable Mistral to scale up the deliveries to the US Government in response to increasing demand.

Mistral and its teammates are confident that with the fully independent supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, we will be capable of effectively supporting our warfighters with the unique and unparalleled performance of the proven Hero-120 precision strike loitering missile system, and supporting our domestic industrial base.

Chris Weller, VP of Mistral

The Hero-120 OPF-M and the MRPSS enable our Marines and Soldiers at the tactical edge to conduct organic ISR along with highly accurate, high endurance, precision strike. Mistral also provides the US Marine Corps with the OPF-M Multi Canister Launcher integrated on the LAV-M, JLTV, and LRUSV platforms for a wide variety of battlefield environments.

Source: Mistral Inc. news release

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