Maxim Defense Releases MD-1505

Maxim Defense, the premiere manufacturer in PDW technologies and stock/brace design, is proud to announce the availability of the MD-1505 series. It’s a combination of the extraordinarily popular PDX design and a traditional AR-15 package.

Though similar to the PDX in size and capability, the MD-1505 has MILSPEC forged receivers and different handguards. Additionally, some options include the SCW stock, SCW brace, or SCW pistol system, providing a platform that’s perfect for virtually any intended use.

The MD-1505 is Maxim Defense PDX ingenuity in a standard AR-15 package. It was engineered to bring our top-tier PDX package to an even more affordable price point.

Starting at the muzzle, each MD-1505 is equipped with the patented Maxim HATEBRAKE muzzle device. The HATEBRAKE reduces recoil, decreases flash signature, pushes gasses and concussion wave downrange away from the operator, and improves overall performance in short barrel pistols and rifles.

For increased comfort and versatility, every MD-1505 features our free-floating Slimline Handguard. These handguards provide a monolithic-like upper receiver platform and M-Slot compatibility on five sides. At the rear, the MD-1505S is equipped with our SCW Stock for the ultimate in compactness, comfort, and versatility.


  • CALIBERS 5.56 NATO, .300BLK, 7.62×39
  • BARREL LENGTH 5.5” / 139.7mm
  • MUZZLE VELOCITY 5.56 NATO, 62gr: 1965 FPS avg. .300 BLK, 115gr: 1850 FPS avg. 7.62×39, 124gr: 1675 FPS avg.
  • OVERALL LENGTH 18.75” / 476.25mm


  • MOA accurate
  • Free-floating Maxim Slimline handguard
  • Military-grade materials
  • SCW compact stock
  • Increased reliability due to included HATEBRAKE
  • Optimized for low flash signature
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Ambidextrous selector

The quality of the MD-1505 and its predecessors speaks for itself. This is why we say “Maxim Defense: Not built for safe queens.”

Source: Maxim Defense news release

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