Leonardo Helicopters: Perkoz, Kondor and Kruk Helicopter Programs in Poland

Other issues

Is Leonardo planning to participate in the future procurement processes beyond the realm of the Polish Armed Forces, reaching out to the Polish uniformed services? What helicopter platforms could be offered here?

All Leonardo helicopter platforms can be offered to the Polish Ministry of National Defense or other uniformed services. However, this is always the customer’s decision. We express our readiness to cooperate with the Ministry of National Defense. What’s more, Leonardo, acting in several other areas, such as aviation, cyber security, space, defense and electronics, can provide Polish armed forces with many state of art solutions.

Unmanned Platforms

Is the company making any further development plans with regards to the unmanned platform based on the SW-4 helicopter? If so, what areas would be covered here?

PZL-Świdnik is responsible for design and testing of the first Polish rotorcraft unmanned helicopter, the SW-4 Solo, chosen by the Italian and UK MoD to demonstrate capabilities and used during the first defence programme funded by EU, Ocean 2020, to demonstrate maritime surveillance capabilities. other capability demonstration and testing are envisaged for the SW-4 Solo.

Leonardo SW-4 Solo

Unmanned rotorcraft and systems is fast developing technology that’s why we believe this potential will be develop in PZL-Świdnik with the access to newest technology and international markets secured by Leonardo capabilities. The possibility of manned-unmanned teaming is something Leonardo is already developing and testing for its rotorcraft. Poland would benefit from this capability too based on national requirements.

What are the plans that Leonardo is making in the UAV domain, with a particular emphasis placed on unmanned rotary-wing assets? Is the company planning to develop reconnaissance and combat platforms as well?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are expected to take an increasing role in existing and future operations. Military and security forces need to prove and validate new roles and applications. However, use of armaments on UAV platforms is not envisaged.

Is Leonardo working on a concept of direct joint operations and manned/unmanned teaming in the helicopter domain (involving the AW101, AW139, AW159), with the unmanned platforms complementing the manned assets, especially in high-risk or recce scenarios?

For AW101/AW159 yes, it is something LMW has recently advertised. We have also already demonstrated this capabilities for the SW-4 Solo teaming with Italian Army’s NH90s and AW129s, and more recently for the AWHERO teaming with Italian Navy’s NH90s during the Ocean2020 demonstration in the Mediterranean Sea.

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