L3Harris Reveals New Handheld Radio Module Enabling Worldwide Communications for Warfighters in the Field

L3Harris Technologies (NYSE:LHX) today announced the unveiling of its Iridium Distributed Tactical Communications Systems (DTCS) mission module at AUSA’s Annual Meeting and Exposition, enabling push-to-talk voice and data for warfighters worldwide.

The mission module connects the L3Harris AN/PRC-163 multi-channel handheld tactical radio to the U.S. Space Force’s DTCS network, providing warfighters in the field secure voice and data communication without having to carry a separate Iridium satellite radio.

This new capability enables warfighters to stay connected anywhere on the battlefield and provides commanders extraordinary versatility exercising command and control.

The ability to stay connected in virtually any situation allows for better planning and responsive execution of missions.

Ed Zoiss, President, Space and Airborne Systems, L3Harris

Warfighters armed with the AN/PRC-163 and DTCS mission module can now communicate using any combination of satellite communications, mobile ad-hoc network, or line-of-sight modes even in situations when one or more connection methods are not available. Small, power efficient and easy to use, the mission module attaches directly to the AN/PRC-163, or through a tethered cable, and controlled from the radio’s existing control panel.

The mission module, a part of the Assured Reach family of communications technologies, complements L3Harris’ Falcon® radio product line, delivering networked communications to more than 700,000 U.S. and allied users around the world. With more than six decades of tactical expertise and one million radios deployed, L3Harris connects ground, sea, air and space with reliable, secure mission-critical tactical communications.

Source: L3Harris press release

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