L3Harris Next-Generation Waveform Delivers Anti-Jam Communications to Support Warfighters

L3Harris Technologies (NYSE:LHX) has introduced a new next generation waveform – Wraith™ – to provide secure and reliable voice and data communications at the tactical edge in support of emerging mission needs.

Wraith™ is a wideband Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) waveform that delivers anti-jam communications in contested and congested environments. It is part of the company’s growing family of resilient waveforms available on the L3Harris Falcon IV™ multi-channel manpack, handheld, small form factor and wearable radios.

Wraith™ is an exportable waveform intended for NATO and U.S. allies at the tactical edge. Its ease of use for planning and deployment allows users of all knowledge bases to quickly configure and operate the waveform.

As the needs of our warfighters continue to evolve, L3Harris is committed to providing a full suite of waveforms to ensure warfighters remain connected, protected and informed with truly resilient modes of communications. Our waveforms cover ground, airborne and beyond line-of-sight communications, and operate even when faced with sophisticated Electronic Warfare threats.

Chris Aebli, President, Tactical Communications, L3Harris

Source: L3Harris press release

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