L3Harris Becomes First Company to Offer DoD Automatic, Packet-Based, Anti-Jam Networking Solution for Warfighters

Powerful, packet-based, anti-jam network connection technology is now available to Department of Defense missions thanks to L3Harris Technologies (NYSE:LHX).

L3Harris teamed with Dejero to offer Transport Aggregation Gateway (TAG), the patented “network of networks” solution, that automatically, securely and quickly connects warfighters across multiple communications networks at once. TAG runs on any public, private or cloud-based network and locks in resilient connections for automated PACE (Primary, Alternate, Contigency and Emergency) communication data transfers.

L3Harris Technologies Transport Aggregation Gateway is an entirely new offering for the DoD, which can be applied as either a software upgrade for any existing platform or connected device, or it could be delivered via new hardware for specialized units.

Military users can’t afford a lost connection, especially in the heat of battle. This patented, packet delivery technology automatically connects to multiple resilient communication paths to transmit data, so it leverages multiple networks at once, despite remote mission locations or congested networks.

Brendan O’Connell, President, Broadband Communication Systems, L3Harris

Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology simultaneously leverages wired and wireless IP connections from multiple providers.

We are delighted to partner with L3Harris to bring our resilient connectivity technology to the defense sector. It builds upon our legacy of providing connection diversity, redundancy and continuity to mission-critical public safety and federal agency communications.

Bogdan Frusina, founder of Dejero

Source: L3Harris news release

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