Kaman Precision Products Successfully Demonstrates New Height of Burst Capability With FireBurst™

Kaman (NYSE: KAMN) announced today that Kaman Precision Products has successfully tested their new FireBurst™ height of burst sensor for Laser Guided Bombs (LGBs).

Earlier this month, several tests were carried out at an overseas location using live warheads, fuzes and guidance kits that were released from fighter aircraft in operationally representative conditions. The systems functioned as expected, detonating at the programmed height above the target.

FireBurst™ is an affordable, field-installable upgrade to the Paveway® II series (or similar) LGB systems in use by the U.S. and over 40 allied countries worldwide. While the initial tests were conducted using the 500 lb GBU-12, the upgrade can be easily adapted to cover all sizes of LGB, from 250 lbs to 2,000 lbs. The FireBurst™ provides ground programmable, cockpit-selectable height of burst without modifying the system’s guidance section, which means it can be retrofitted into existing and new systems. This increases the capability of Paveway® II to include troops in the open, swarming boats, convoys and other area targets while still maintaining the original mission set.

Paveway® II is one of the most affordable precision weapons available today, and with the addition of Kaman’s FireBurst™ system, it is now even more capable. It gives warfighters much needed flexibility in today’s ever-changing combat environment.

Ms. Darlene Smith, President of Kaman Precision Products

FireBurst™ is expected to enter full rate production in 2022.

Source: Kaman news release

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