The Hero 120-SF hits one of the assigned targets during the recent testing.

IWTSD and Mistral Inc./UVision Air Ltd. successfully complete testing of the MLAM – SF Loitering Aerial Munition – HERO-120SF

Mistral Inc., in partnership with UVision Air LTD and under the leadership of the DoD Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD), successfully tested the Miniature Loitering Aerial Munition (MLAM) HERO-120SF.

The successful testing and evaluation of the MLAM HERO-120SF mark the completion of extensive trials and the beginning of the operational implementation and potential use of this highly effective munition in theater.

During the week-long tests at Dugway Proving Ground, more than a dozen HERO-120SF (MLAM) were launched and effectively engaged fixed and moving military targets at extensive ranges and in challenging terrain. The HERO-120SF demonstrated an exceedingly high level of accuracy, maneuverability, ease of operation, and successfully engaged assigned targets.

The HERO-120SF hits one of the assigned targets during the recent testing

Under the purview of IWTSD, the Mistral/UVision team developed, tested, and delivered the HERO-120SF Loitering Strike Munition providing the U.S. Special Operations Forces a low signature, pneumatic launch, long-endurance, highly lethal, precision indirect fire capability.

Mistral and UVision are pleased to provide the U.S. Special Operations Forces with this precision strike system. Additionally, we wish to acknowledge and thank our partners IWTSD (Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate) for their guidance and support which was vital to the development of the MLAM HERO-120SF. Further, Mistral and UVision also want to thank our team members: Spectra, GD-OTS, PER, and Dynetics for their ongoing support.

Ms. S Banai, President of Mistral Inc.
The Hero 120-SF hits one of the assigned targets during the recent testing.

This successful conclusion of the exercise in Dugway marks an important phase for the maturation of our products. As part of the US operations growth, UVision USA and Mistral are ready to provide the US SOF warrior with local support and effective maintenance for the MLAM HERO-120SF.

Jim Truxel, CEO of UVision USA

Source: Mistral Inc. news release

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