INVISIO X7 in-ear headset achieves market-leading hearing protection levels

The recently launched INVISIO X7 in-ear headset, has achieved a ground-breaking level of hearing protection of 39 dB SNR, performing even better than initial results and providing higher safety levels for users than ever.

The INVISIO X7, which offers a whole new level of comfort, ease of use and hearing protection, has now been certified as delivering industry-first levels of hearing protection, outperforming all other tactical headsets for dismounted usage.

Latest tests show that the INVISIO X7 offers 39dB of SNR. This level of protection will have a significant impact on users’ ability to operate safely in high noise environments.

The difference between e.g. 29 dB (the highest, current level of certified hearing protection using an over-the-ear dismounted headset) and 39 dB of attenuation corresponds to withstanding 3 times louder noise levels. It also implies that the operator can cope with 8 times longer exposure to the same noise levels.

The high level of performance also affects the protection from impulse noise, e.g. when firing weapons; both in terms of the calibre used and the number of firings users can be exposed to without compromising safety. Same goes for which type of vehicle platforms and for how long users can be mounted safely when exposed to high continuous noise levels.

INVISIO X7 users will be even better protected and can work in noisier environments for longer periods of time, without risking damage to their hearing.

Carsten Aagesen, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at INVISIO

INVISIO’s milestone achievement in hearing protection is fully certified by an independent test laboratory and notified body and is the result of extensive R&D efforts and vigorous testing of the INVISIO X7 using six different sizes of foam tips and three different sizes of tri-flanged tips.

On top of its own market-leading hearing protection, the INVISIO X7 can be combined with the INVISIO T7 over-the ear headset to provide dual layer hearing protection of 43 dB SNR when exposed to excessive noise environments. These two intelligent headsets work seamlessly together, allowing users to move dynamically without losing vital communications or situational awareness at any time.

When we launched the X7 we said it would set a new industry benchmark for in-ear headsets in the most demanding environments, and these certified attenuation figures show that we have achieved exactly that.

Carsten Aagesen, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at INVISIO

The INVISIO X7 was developed using extensive feedback from both military and public safety operators to create a range of new features, including an ergonomic design perfected to fit the shape of each ear and soft materials to ensure the highest level of comfort.

The AI-enhanced INVISIO X7 headset has an integrated Voice Pick-up Sensor (VPU) which picks up vibrations from the inner ear and transforms them into speech without the need for a specific in-ear contact point to transmit the speech.

The AI-powered audio enhancements provide unparalleled communication and speech quality excluding unwanted noise with different hear-through modes and digital signaling processing that automatically adjust the received audio volume to the surrounding noise levels.

Key INVISIO X7 certified hearing protection results:

  • 39 dB SNR and 32 dB NRR (using INVISIO’s foam tips)
  • 31 dB SNR and 25 dB NRR (using INVISIO’s tri-flanged tips)
  • 43 dB SNR and 34 dB NRR dual layer hearing protection (simultaneous use of INVISIO X7 and T7)

Source: INVISIO news release

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