INVISIO receives order for 40 Intercom systems from a European NATO country

INVISIO has received an order for 40 Intercom systems. The customer is a European NATO country. The order is the first somewhat substantial commercial follow-up order and thus significant for future marketing of the system. The order value is less than SEK 10 million.

After an extensive evaluation process of the Intercom system the customer placed an order for another 40 or so systems. The customer intends to mount the systems in light transport vehicles, to enable effective internal communication while traveling.

Interest in the Intercom system is great and since its launch several small orders have been received from customers wishing to test and evaluate the system. The current order is the first somewhat substantial commercial follow-up order.

We are very proud that a defense organization in a NATO country operating in the most challenging environments and with the highest requirements regarding equipment is choosing our Intercom system. The order thus represents an important reference for us in our future marketing.

Lars Højgård Hansen, CEO of INVISIO

Evaluation projects are currently ongoing with several potential customers in Europe and the USA and with several manufacturers and equippers of transport vehicles, boats and helicopters. For example, in the third quarter INVISIO has initiated sales and distribution cooperation with Zodiac and signed a distribution agreement with SkyRunner for the use of the Intercom system in RIB boats and ultralight aircraft. The system has also been certified by a number of customers for use in Black Hawk helicopters and is already in use today in live environments. It is worth remembering, however, that when it comes to volume orders, considerable time often passes between initial tests and an order.

A novel form of internal communication

The strength of the Intercom system is that it links people and communications equipment in a considerably simpler and more cost-effective way than has previously been possible. The solution enables communication within a group and with the vehicle driver, while at the same time it can give access to the vehicle’s various radio systems.

Source: INVISIO news release

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