Holosun X2 Line Builds on Favorite Features

Building on the success of Holosun’s V2 line is no easy task but Holosun has succeeded with the new X2 optic line. The X2 series pairs a favorite of law enforcement; lock-out mode, and more streamlined buttons. The X2 series includes a wide range of exciting options for shooters looking to add an edge to their game in the field.

Holosun 407K/507K X2

The 407K/507K X2 models are made from 7075 aluminum and are designed for sub-compact pistols for close contact scenarios that require exceptional reaction times. It’s an incredible all-around design with shake awake technology and up to 50k hour battery life. Red and green (Green in Q3) LEDs are available with 6MOA dot or multi-reticle system options, making the 407K and 507K the best compact tactical sights on the market.

Holosun 407C/507C X2

Next in line is the slightly larger 407C/507C X2 which comes with many of the same features while adding Holosun’s solar failsafe option. The solar failsafe is perfect for long days in the field and heavy use extending the remarkable 50k hour battery. Solar technology makes this sight incredibly reliable on outdoor excursions. The 407C and 507C optics offer a dot-only or multi-reticle system and the option for red or green reticles. With a durable 7075 aluminum housing, exceptional battery life, and shake awake technology, the 407C/507C X2 is always ready.

Holosun 508T X2

Professional users or shooters who find themselves scrambling up steep slopes, cutting through dense forests and pushing their gear every day will love the rock-solid grade 5 titanium housing on the 508T X2 sight. The 508T X2 features Holosun’s Super LED which delivers superior clarity, 50k hour battery life. and it comes with Shake-Awake technology. The multi-reticle system offers Holosun’s 32MOA ring with 2MOA dot, 2MOA dot only, or 32MOA ring only and is available in both green or red models.

Every Holosun optic comes with industry-leading innovation and a generous warranty. Holosun optics are available with models to fit any budget and their features and designs are built to perform at the highest level.

Source: Holosun news release

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