Four+: Leatherman Charge+ TTi, Charge+, Wave+ & Wave+ Black, Polish distributor of famous Leatherman multi-tools brand, send us some latest 2018 products. The latest addition to the Full Size series are Charge+ TTi, Charge+, Wave+ and Wave+ Black multi-tools – these are not completely new products, but proven designs with some minor improvements.

The main difference between old and new variants are pliers – now, they come with upgraded, replaceable wire cutters similiar to those found in Heavy Duty series multi-tools and Rebar. It’s evolution, not the revolution, but in case of damaged of the wire cutters in old tools, they had to be replaced, by Leatherman (25 years of warranty) or on your own (not so easy if possible at all). Now, to replace the wire cutters, you just need to buy new ones, remove two screws and replaced the parts. MSRP of wire cutters set with key and two new screws is 10$. Cutters are available in Black or Stainless Steel.

The 2018 Leatherman tools comes with new nylon cover (two variants available).

We already have the latest tools in our hands, so stay tuned for more detailed review in future.

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