Flex Force Delivers ASP-S Stabilized Weapon Mount to NATO Partner

Flex Force Enterprises Inc. (Flex Force) recently delivered ASP-S stabilized weapon mount systems to a NATO partner. Since delivering the ASP and ASP-R systems to the US DOD and the UK MOD, Flex Force has taken customer feedback to incorporate a camera system with locally mounted display.

The camera system provides EO and IR camera imagery as well as target tracking capabilities to the ASP mounted user display. User mission flexibility is increased by the ASP-S day and night camera system which augments the weapon mounted sight iron or red-dot sight.

Since delivering the initial ASP and ASP-R systems to the US and UK in 2017, Flex Force has continued to work with end-users to understand requirements and release product capabilities that increase lethality, increase situational awareness, increase survivability, and decrease cost.

Customer intimacy is one of the Company’s core competencies. We take pride in how closely we work with end-users of our products, whether it be the Dronebuster or ASP, so that we can continue to learn. We continue to improve and enhance the capabilities of each product as well as offer various configurations to support our Customer’s requirements.

Greg Valentin, Flex Force President

The ASP and Dronebuster are being marketed for authorized U.S. Government and International government end-use only. Flex Force will have the Dronebuster and ASP products on display at various U.S. and international trade shows this year.

Source: Flex Force news release

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