FB Radom Beryl Rifle: 1918-2018 Polish Independence Collector Edition

Recently, an official decision to forego purchases of the Beryl assault rifles purchases for Polish Armed Forces was announced. First Beryl rifles were ordered 21 years ago. In future, Beryl rifles will be replaced with the latest product of Fabryka Broni, the MSBS Grot C16 FB-m1 rifles and its variants.

But it is not a final word in Beryl’s history as there will be also a special collector edition of the Beryl rifles based on Radom-Sport (a semi-automatic civilian-legal version of Beryl 96C rifle) to commemorate 100th anniversary of Polish Independence. They will be available right after the final batch of the military rifles will leave the factory.

The 1918-2018 Polish Independence Collector Edition Beryl rifles will bear a special graphics on the receiver in one of the six variants, shown below.

The graphics are thermosetting decal-based finished with additional protection layer of clear coating on top, so it will not wear down, especially in the area where the safety switch lever is located. There will be 20 rifles in each variant. The complete batch will consist of 120 rifles.

The price point? To be announced soon.

Na żywo karabinki wyglądają naprawdę fajnie – oczywiście zdania pewnie będą podzielone i pewnie znajdą się także krytycy takiego malowania. Dodatkowo kalkomanię umieszczono tak, by nie ścierała się przy np. przełączaniu bezpiecznika.

In real-life, the rifles are looking pretty amazing and it is a great idea to commemorate such important event in Polish history as 100th anniversary of the Independence with launching a limited edition of custom painted rifles 100% made in Poland. There will be also a similar themed batch of MSBS/Grot rifles.


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