EXO Charge to Unveil Next Generation Mission-Ready Power Solutions at AUSA 2021 Annual Meeting and Exposition

Xentris Wireless LLC announces that its EXO Charge Military and Government Services division will be exhibiting at the AUSA Annual Exposition this October. The EXO Charge business unit was established by Xentris Wireless to deliver high performing, lightweight, rugged, mission-ready power solutions that increase the operational effectiveness of the technologically-enabled modern Warfighter. EXO Charge is exhibiting at the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition from Oct. 11-13 at booth # 860.

The EXO Charge team is on a mission to reduce the battery burden, and provide power solutions that deliver higher performance, improved interoperability, and power commonality for the Warfighter.

Mike Stein, V.P. of Military and Government Services

Xentris Wireless has a 30+ year track record in developing and manufacturing power and accessory solutions for several of the nation’s leading mobile telephone and data service providers. The EXO Charge team is comprised of industry and military veterans with expertise in commercial mobile and military power programs. This includes previous experience with the Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB), Soldier Worn Integrated Power Equipment System (SWIPES), the Squad Power Manager (SPM), the Vest Power Manager (VPM), the Advanced Battery Charger (ABC), and more.

Enabling the Warfighter is our #1 priority. Through our technology and manufacturing expertise, we aim to help our Warriors operate lighter, faster, and more effectively – with greater interoperability and self-sufficiency.

Jeff Jubin, Director of Business Development

The EXO Charge portfolio currently includes the following solutions:

Small Tactical Universal Battery (STUB)

Working with the US Army’s C5ISR Center, the STUB is being developed as a new series of standardized rechargeable batteries to reduce the battery burden and logistics complexity for deployed units. It features USB Power Delivery (USB PD), Programmable Power Supply (PPS), and eight various device attachment methods across 8 different battery sizes to meet application-specific power requirements.

Augmented Power Pack (APP)

Designed to meet the needs of the Special Operations community, the APP is being developed as a fully ruggedized and water resistant 240Wh power bank for operational use in austere conditions. The APP is designed to fast-charge several devices simultaneously using USB Programmable Power Supply (PPS) and Power Delivery (PD) technologies – and features two USB Type C ports plus a 2-way Nett Warrior connection for maximum flexibility.

Rugged Auxiliary Charger (RAC)

Small, light and rugged, the RAC utilizes USB PD and PPS technology to deliver faster charging than other alternatives, and supports up to 300W of total power. The RAC is compatible with bulk chargers such as ABC and UBC, and can also charge standard military battery types such as the 2590 and CWB as a stand-alone charge. With 2 USB-C ports and a Nett Warrior connector, the RAC delivers maximum flexibility and interoperability.

Source: EXO Charge news release

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