EUROSATORY 2024: Senop AFCD TI for Carl Gustaf M4

Senop Advanced Fire Control Device Thermal Imager (AFCD TI) is one of the first intelligent sights on the market qualified for the Carl-Gustaf® M4 and M3 weapon systems, and the only system which integrates all performance-critical features into one casing.

The AFCD TI has an integrated day camera, thermal camera, laser range finder and ballistic calculation. Carl-Gustaf is a real multi-tool on the battlefield and AFCD TI raises the capability of the system to the next level.

Our goal is to keep the AFCD TI constantly updated to meet user requirements and the evolving conditions of the battlefield.

Aki Korhonen, CEO of Senop

AFCD TI offers several performance-enhancing functionalities in one and the same device. This is a significant difference compared to other solutions currently on the market, which utilize the traditional day sight and Clip-On night optics combination. The state-of-the-art optronics, ballistic calculation and communication with the most modern rounds enable an extremely good first round hit probability for both moving and stationary targets.

The development of AFCD TI has been carried out in close cooperation with Saab professionals, and with the latest software updates, among other things, the AFCD TI is currently the best that can be found on the market in terms of intelligent sights. We are proud to be part of building a whole new concept for all Carl-Gustaf users around the world.

Programming of the new HE 448 round is also possible with AFCD TI. The ballistics of new ammunition can be easily updated to the AFCD TI as well.

Antti Lommi, head of product management

Depending on the conditions, the operator can use a day camera, a thermal camera, or a combined fusion image to detect, identify and recognize targets in the battlefield. The AFCD TI is the lightest fire control system for Carl-Gustaf on the market with all the capabilities mentioned above. The device weighs only 1.7 kg and is designed and built to meet the highest usability requirements.

Source: Senop news release

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