EUROSATORY 2024: Rohde & Schwarz introduces TARAN sensor fusion suite

Rohde & Schwarz, a leading provider of innovative communications and information security solutions, is proud to showcase a cutting-edge analytical solution that revolutionizes the decision-making process in various domains.

In today’s complex and rapidly evolving world with multiple intelligence domains, obtaining a comprehensive situational picture is crucial for mission success in multi-domain operations. To address this need, this powerful sensor fusion and analysis tool combines fragmented and contradictory sensor data into a full situational picture. By leveraging cloud-based technology, sensor fusion from Rohde & Schwarz processes massive amounts of data and enriches it with open source information and intelligence, providing users with a detailed overview of their environment in real time.

The advanced capabilities of sensor fusion from Rohde & Schwarz go beyond data aggregation and enrichment. With intelligent filters and advanced screening models, it tracks and identifies significant information from various sources. This enables users to make informed decisions and improve supervision, examination, and investigation in any intelligence domain.

Our sophisticated analytical solution, the TARAN Suite, has become the tool of choice for coping with massive amounts of data that require powerful and reliable analysis.

Sensor fusion from Rohde & Schwarz offers an end-to-end intelligence solution, empowering our customers with comprehensive operational insights and unrivalled efficiency.

Frank Schrudde, CEO of Schönhofer Sales & Engineering, a Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary

One of the key strengths of sensor fusion from Rohde & Schwarz is its scalability and security. It provides a secure information exchange platform and offers special connectivity options for heterogeneous or decentralized analytics scenarios. With configurable data replication and synchronization over secure network links, extensive offline processing capabilities for mobile teams, and adaptable resilience for low-bandwidth or high-latency data links, sensor fusion from Rohde & Schwarz ensures seamless and reliable data analysis in any situation.

Rohde & Schwarz is showcasing its solutions and capabilities supporting multi-domain operations by ensuring spectrum dominance in all domains and along the complete signal chain at Eurosatory 2024 on booth 6-K279.

Source: Rohde & Schwarz news release

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