EUROSATORY 2024: Ceska Zbrojovka CZ BREN 3 Assault Rifle

The third generation of the extremely popular CZ BREN rifle platform, which is currently in the arsenal of the Czech Army and other armed forces around the world, has just been released by Ceska Zbrojovka.

The international armed forces that utilize the CZ BREN include the French anti-terrorist unit GIGN, the Mexican Federal Police, the Portuguese Air Force and the Hungarian Armed Forces.

The innovative, modular multi-caliber CZ BREN 3 model stands out for its high accuracy, extreme durability, impressive shooting comfort and absolute reliability. All versions of the third generation CZ BREN meet the demanding requirements of NATO AC/225 D/14 tests and users can fully rely on them for reliable operation in the most demanding conditions, such as high or low temperatures, salt water, sand, mud or dust.

The CZ BREN 3 is the result of feedback we received from soldiers, police officers and special forces personnel from around the world, who are equipped with the previous CZ BREN series. Our top experts have innovatively transferred this wealth of experience into the new CZ BREN 3 generation, with an emphasis on improving key features that include sophisticated ergonomics and the resulting shooting comfort. All of this leads us to believe that our new flagship product in the select-fire rifle segment will be a great success with the military and security forces.

Jan Zajic, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at CZ

The CZ BREN 3 comes in two standard calibers and several barrel lengths. The 5.56 × 45 NATO caliber version is available with a 7″, 11″, 14.5″ or 16.5″ barrel. The 300 AAC Blackout caliber version is available with a 7″ or 9″ barrel. All barrels are cold hammer forged, which ensures high accuracy, and their already impressive durability is radically increased even more by a chrome-lined bore. Extraction of combustion gas can be adjusted with a three-position gas port regulator, which optimizes operation when using a suppressor or when faced with adverse conditions or gun fouling.

Fully ambidextrous, AR-style controls include a 45° firing mode selector (safe/single shot/full-auto), magazine release and bolt catch/release (on the left side of the receiver and inside the trigger guard). The non-reciprocal charging handle is on both sides of the firearm. One side has a fixed handle and the other side has a folding handle, with both handles being swappable.

The CZ BREN 3 series is equipped with a folding, four-position telescopic stock made of a highly durable polymer. However, a PDW-style four-position telescopic stock is also available. One of the key features of the CZ BREN 3’s high modularity is the easily replaceable extended forend, which is made of highly durable aluminum alloy. The standard extended forend is equipped with an M-LOK interface for mounting a wide range of accessories, such as sights, flashlights, laser markers, and more. The user can also choose from a STANAG 4694 or Suppressor-Ready forend – the latter is sized for mounting a suppressor. A total of seven QD attachment points on all versions allows for increased options on how to attach rifle slings.

In short, the CZ BREN 3 is an advanced service rifle for the 21st century. No matter where you are or what situations you face, you can count on the accuracy, reliability, and advanced performance you need to successfully complete your mission.

The fully automatic CZ BREN 3 series is only available for use by official armed forces.

Main features of the CZ BREN 3:

  • User-friendly, fully ambidextrous AR-style controls
  • Bolt catch/release located inside the trigger guard
  • Trigger with 25 N pull, smooth 7mm travel and short 4mm reset
  • 2 ejectors
  • Telescopic / Folding stock or PDW-style extendable stock
  • Innovative fixed or folding non-reciprocal charging handle on both sides of the receiver
  • Three-position gas port regulator
  • Seven QD attachment points
  • Modular M-LOK, STANAG 4694 Rail or Suppressor-Ready forend

CZ BREN 3 technical specifications:

  • Caliber: 5.56 × 45 NATO, 300 AAC Blackout
  • Magazine capacity: 30
  • Weight without magazine: 3 – 3.6 kg, depending on configuration
  • Overall length with stock folded/unfolded and fully extended: – / 550-725 mm (7″ PDW 5.56 × 45 NATO), 569 / 763-833 mm (11″ 5.56 × 45 NATO), 656 / 850-920 mm (14.5″ 5.56 × 45 NATO), 709 / 903-973 mm (16.5″ 5.56 × 45 NATO), 565 / 760-830 mm (7″ 300 AAC Blackout), 520 / 715-785 mm (9″ 300 AAC Blackout)
  • Height with folded mechanical sights without magazine: 190 mm
  • Barrel length: 7″/185 mm (PDW), 11″/280 mm, 14.5″/367 mm and 16.5″/420 mm for 5.56 × 45 NATO caliber and 7″/180 mm and 9″/229 mm for 300 AAC Blackout caliber
  • Twist rate / Number of grooves: 1 : 7″/6 (5.56 × 45 NATO), 1 : 5″/4 (300 AAC Blackout)
  • Sights (basic): Iron, Folding, Adjustable
  • Muzzle thread: 1/2″ × 28 UNEF (5.56 × 45 NATO), 5/8″ × 24 UNEF (300 AAC Blackout)
  • Upper Receiver: 7075 T6 Aluminum Alloy

Source: CZ news release

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