Eurosatory 2022: The new GDELS MERLIN 4×4 Light Tactical Vehicle

Starting today, General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) is presenting its latest military vehicle technology and the premier of two new vehicles at EUROSATORY 2022: DURO-e 4X4, first all-electric, all-terrain military vehicle, and new Airborne 4×4 Light Tactical MERLIN.

General Dynamics European Land Systems is be located al Hall 5 – Stand E851.

The new MERLIN 4×4 Light Tactical Vehicle

A new member in the GDELS Wheeled Vehicles Family

Merlin, a small Falcon, is a swift flyer and skilled hunter. Consequently, the name MERLIN suits the newest member of GDELS ́ vehicles fleet, a Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) responding to the latest operational requirements of modern Airborne, Special Forces and Light Infantry Forces. The vehicle, designed by GDELS, is based upon the same engineering principles as the EAGLE, which sets the standard in its class.

The LTV MERLIN is an extremely durable, compact, light and robust vehicle platform, which provides superior multi-role, payload potential and protection for its military users. The MERLIN provides unmatched payload range and user space in its 4×4 wheeled vehicle configuration. The compact 4×4 vehicle fits inside CH-47 or CH-53 transport helicopters and can accommodate up to 10 soldiers.

The unique driveline and suspension technology of the vehicle is a derivate of GDELS` proven and in-service DURO / EAGLE 4×4 chassis. Powered by a modern diesel engine, MERLIN provides superior agility, maneuverability and cross-country mobility. Due to the flexibility and versatility of the vehicle body design, the MERLIN can be configured in different variants for personnel transport, ambulance, logistic and combat missions.

With the MERLIN, GDELS is offering a new class of robust military vehicles based on combat proven technology.

DURO-e 4×4 – GDELS` First All-Electric All-Terrain Vehicle

High mobility and modular design for a wide range of missions powered by e-technologies

The DURO is a highly mobile all-terrain military tactical vehicle and for years the “workinghorse” of the Swiss Army. The name DURO stands for DUrable and RObust. Even in the most difficult terrain, the DURO drives safely and reliably in every situation. With its uniquely designed modular construction, the DURO can be modified in many configurations to accommodate a wide range of applications in a single vehicle from troop transporter, command and control, logistics to ambulance vehicle.

Consequently, GDELS decided in cooperation with MAGNA – Engineering Center Steyr and Phi-Power to select this Swiss icon of an all-terrain vehicle to insert newest technologies like hybridization, electrification, on-board power generation and drive technologies needed for MUM-T capabilities with automated/autonomous operation features.

The DURO-e 4×4 will be presented for the first time at EUROSATORY 2022 and includes all new basic technologies that may be demanded by our customers in the near future.

DURO-e main features and operational advantages:

  • Digital vehicle architecture according to NGVA standard;
  • Variable powertrain, starting with a state-of-the-art diesel engine from EURO 3 up to EURO 6, a pure electric powertrain in battery electric or fuel cell electric version;
  • Silent drive, boost and extended silent watch capabilities;
  • CO2 neutral and economic operation for daily military services;
  • Low heat and noise signature;
  • High energy efficiency and self-sufficient energy supply.

EAGLE SOF – the Special One among all open-roof, all-terrain vehicles

EAGLE SOF completes the range of EAGLE vehicles with an open roof variant

GDELS` EAGLE SOF has been designed to mark the absolute peak of robust, durable, high mobility vehicles for special operations.

EAGLE SOF is based on the combat-proven, high-mobility chassis of the EAGLE 5 4×4 PATROL variant. Instead of an armored protected crew cabin, the open roof vehicle configuration with a useable payload of 3 metric tons provides almost unlimited flexibility on mounted armaments solutions, mission equipment and modular, mission-tailored protection kits.

With this full range mission spectrum, EAGLE SOF is responding to advanced demands of modern LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) and SOF (Special Operations Forces). The commonality of the vehicle chassis designed from the EAGLE 4×4 and 6×6 vehicle family provides significant advantages for the military users in terms of interoperability, advanced training and operations as well as cost reduced logistics and maintenance.

PIRANHA MC – Modern Indirect Fire Support Made in Switzerland

PIRANHA “Minenwerfer” (Mortar) – A New Combat Vehicle Variant for the Swiss Army

The GDELS-Mowag PIRANHA is a highly mobile, armored multi-role wheeled vehicle with a high payload and a large utilizable internal volume that provides highest protection against current threats. The open vehicle architecture enables easy and flexible integration of various subsystems for a broad spectrum of different missions.

Indirect fire is an essential capability required by the army to fulfill its defensive mission. With the new 120mm mortar system based on the PIRANHA carrier vehicle and the RUAG COBRA 120mm Mortar System, the Swiss Army has procured a modern, powerful and precise system.

The PIRANHA mortar variant is a highly mobile system that is both flexible in use and offers high protection for its crew. After moving into the firing position, the system is ready to fire within 30 seconds. During the shoot and scoot maneuver, the mortar fires 4 rounds under 20 seconds and 10 rounds under 60 seconds, respectively, and exits the firing position swiftly after completing its firing mission. The mortar system has a firing range of up to 9000 meters with the use of various ammunition types.

PANDUR 6×6 Evo with multipurpose missile system AKERON MP

Enhanced military mobility with optimized battle capability

The PANDUR 6×6 EVO, selected by the Austrian Army, is the latest member of the PANDUR wheeled armored vehicle family. The multi-role PANDUR EVO provides high survivability and crew protection against ballistic, mine, IED blast and fragmentation threats. Key characteristics of the 6×6 vehicle are its superior mobility and its compact design combined with unmatched internal space and payload potential. The vehicle fits into a C-130 transport aircraft while accommodating a crew of up to 11 soldiers. It is powered by an enhanced mission proven diesel engine with over 25kw/t and 1600 Nm of torque. The 2-stage transfer gear, shiftable on the move including an automatic drivetrain management enables advanced drivability in all types of military missions.

The PANDUR 6×6 Evo with MBDA`s integrated IMPACT (Integrated Precision Attack Combat Turret) turret and AKERON MP responds to latest battlefield requirements in terms of firing from confined spaces, “fire-and-forget” and self-guidance with a “man-in-the-loop” capability.

IMPACT is a twin launcher gyro-stabilized remote control station, with FN 7,62mm machine gun developed for equipping light armored vehicles with AKERON MP. AKERON MP missile system is designed for dismounted infantry as well as for integration on combat vehicles with a range over 4`000m. It has a multi-purpose warhead with a selectable choice of anti-armor or anti-infrastructure modes. Network-enabled AKERON MP also receives third party target designation for indirect fire scenarios.

ASCOD – Innovation, Protection, and Fire Power

Best in class in survivability, mobility and optimized life cycle cost

ASCOD incorporates the latest technologies to offer unparalleled mobility, protection, payload and firepower. The ASCOD family of tracked vehicles takes advantage of the advanced Common Based Platform design. All ASCOD variants share the same centerpiece, thus optimizing life cycle cost.

Global military operations have demonstrated the need for a versatile family of medium weight tracked vehicles (≤MLC 50), capable of performing a complete set of missions. ASCOD provides the ability to fulfill a full range of customer requirements, from the most advanced Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Repair, Forward Observer, Direct Fire, Engineering, Recovery, Command Post and Bridge Layer variants.

Exemplifying this versatility, GDELS is exhibiting different ASCOD variants at EUROSATORY:

  • ASCOD IFV at GDELS´s booth (Hall 5A – E851), equipped with a modern MT30 manned turret system from ELBIT Systems with ATGM, carrying eight infantrymen plus commander, gunner, and driver;
  • ASCOD LT105, a Light Tank variant displayed at ELBIT Systems booth (Hall 6, D-637) with the latest 105 mm large-caliber turret;
  • ASCOD with composite rubber tracks at the Soucy Defense booth (Hall 6, K-177), to show multiple mobility options. This platform is equipped with a Counter-UAS system.

The ASCOD´s modularity design and open architecture, all in compliance with NATO´s NGVA standard, allows the seamless integration of state of the art mission equipment, like our own developed Vehicle Intelligent Monitoring System (VIMS). Other innovative capabilities available to ASCOD are the Optionally Manned operation kit for remote and autonomous capabilities. More than 1,000 ASCOD vehicles are currently in service by four user nations: Spain, Austria, Great Britain, and The Philippines.

Source: General Dynamics European Land Systems news release

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