Elbit Systems Range Extension Smart Tail-components

Eurosatory 2022: Elbit Systems to Showcase its Latest Air-to-Surface Range Extension and Guidance Kit

Elbit System will showcase the Range Extension & Smart Tail (REST) kit for air-to-surface warheads during the Eurosatory 2022 (Hall 6, booth D567), as part of its portfolio of precision munitions. Already ordered for several warhead types, REST transforms almost any type of air-to-surface warhead into a high penetration standoff precision munition.

The REST kit is a modular solution that includes a smart tail for navigation and guidance, and upper wings for range extension. The smart tail houses INS/GPS navigation computer and anti-jamming system. The upper wings are an aerodynamic super-structure embracing the warhead with two wings that are unfolded upon release. The REST kit provides all weather pinpoint ‘fire and forget’ capability to ranges of up to 120km and is capable of a steep impact angle for enhanced penetration of hard targets. The REST kit enables weapon system integration onboard Western and Eastern aircraft without avionic changes and is compatible with a range of warheads and fuzes.

Elbit Systems Range Extension Smart Tail-components

Accuracy, standoff and penetration capabilities become paramount to air-to-surface operations. The REST kit attracts the attention of Air Forces as many of them increasingly seek solutions that enable to efficiently transform warhead stockpiles into munitions that are more relevant to evolving operational needs.

Yehuda (Udi) Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems Land
Elbit Systems Range Extension Smart Tail-assembled

The REST kit is part of Elbit Systems’ diverse portfolio of Air-to-Surface munitions including: the Rampage supersonic missile, the Delilah cruise missile, the LIZARD laser guidance kits, the GATR tactical rocket, advanced warheads, seekers, fuzes, navigation and anti-jamming systems.

Source: Elbit Systems news release

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