Elbit Systems of America and Textron Systems team on Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle prototype for USMC

As the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Systems Command works toward the next phase of replacing the legacy Light Armored Vehicle with a modern, robust Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV), Elbit Systems of America has teamed with Textron Systems to produce a solution that provides Marines with transformational capabilities, including enhanced situational understanding technologies.

The USMC has identified characteristics their new ARV must include as the core-manned next-generation system for light armored reconnaissance battalions. In response, Textron Systems has partnered with Elbit Systems of America and others to create the Cottonmouth prototype ARV.

Elbit Systems of America is excited to be teamed with Textron Systems as a key partner for building the Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle for the United States Marine Corps. Our ARV concept will provide a key and critical capability to the USMC and include advanced technologies that will make it relevant both today and for decades to come. Our 360-degree multi-domain situational awareness suite will provide significant increases in the lethality and survivability of Marines.

Ridge Sower, Vice President of Ground Combat and Precision Targeting at Elbit Systems of America

Building off the success of Elbit Systems of America’s IronVision and gimbaled sight solutions, the company will provide the 360° Situational Awareness vision suite for the Cottonmouth prototype ARV. The system will bring together video images from outside the ARV, overlay terrain and obstacle information, along with navigation and battlespace symbology, and present a single image of the ARV’s surroundings to all crew members within the vehicle. This comprehensive and intuitive view of their surroundings, available both on crew workstations and the IronVision Helmet Mounted Display, gives the crew the ability to “see-through” the armor of the Cottonmouth, empowering them with unparalleled situational understanding while under armor.

The successful ARV prototype will ultimately replace the USMC’s Light Armored Vehicle that’s been in use since the 1980s.

Source: Elbit Systems news release

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